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Why don't I hear incoming calls ring on Phone2 web?

Fast Answer:

After logging into Phone2 for the first time in a new tab, click anywhere on the page to enable sound.

Long Answer:

Due to browser security issues, when a website loads for the first time (a news website, YouTube, Phone2, etc) sounds will not automatically playback unless the user has some kind of interaction on the page. e.g., click the play button.

Or in the case of Phone2, you should click anywhere on the page after loading Phone2 web in a window or tab for the first time.

This will ensure that you hear incoming call and text notifications when the browser tab is in the background. By clicking anywhere on the page, you're telling your browser that you have interacted with the page which then gives the browser permission to playback sound.

Why do browsers work like this? Because it's a way to prevent popups from playing obnoxious sounds on your browser.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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