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How to invite a member to my team?

Inviting a member to a team enables them to call, text and view the contacts of your workspace.

To invite some to your team:
Click on "+ Invite your team" on the left menu bar, bottom
In the popup, enter the email address of the user you'd like to add to your team
After entering the user's email, click "Add to list"
Choose the role you'd like to assign to the user: Admin or User (shield icon = admin, avatar = user)
Click on the button "Add access"
Select all teams (aka, phone numbers) you'd like the user to have access to
Click "Send invite"

Once the user accepts the invite, Phone2 will automatically create a Phone2 account for this user and they will be able to call/text from your shared phone number.

Phone2 has 3 user roles
Owner: the original user who created the Phone2 workspace. Unfortunately, workspace owner roles can't be transferred to other users
Admin: same permissions as owner except, they cannot delete the workspace
User: A basic user who can only call and text. Users cannot invite other users to the workspace or manage billing.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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